Thursday, July 5, 2012

Partying in the USA

The past three days have seriously been so incredible, and I feel so grateful to be fortunate enough to have such good experiences! My three-days-of-fun started off on Tuesday. I took the train into New Brunswick where Faline picked me up. We picked up Ariel, drove to Faline's, ate Wawa sandwiches, watched United States of Tara, enjoyed a few cocktails and had a sleepover. On Wednesday we woke up and headed over to out friend Kitty's house for her 4th of July BBQ. It was so incredible to see everyone from school! We played a bunch of games, went slipping and sliding, had lots of conversations, drank way too much, ate lots of food, and stayed up way too late. It was seriously the perfect 4th of July. Then on Thursday (today) we all magically woke up at 6:30 a.fucking.m. after going to be at like 2 or 3 or maybe it was 4? Either way, we woke up way too early. We ate some breakfast and then headed to the beach. The water was lovely and the company was lovely and the sun was just, well, lovely! After the beach, we headed to this ice cream shop that our friend John recommended, and thats how we ended our three-days-of fun. It was such a great three days and I am sososo happy. Since I was so busy having a good time, I didn't really take any pictures. Often, I feel like its more important to enjoy the experience than try and capture it. But here are the few pictures I did take:

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  1. alll that alcohol <3 boobie, im so so so so so so so happy that you had a fantastic time. you deserve it. love you so very mucho.