Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some random thoughts I have been having

I am doing this as procrastination for packing for Delaware

1. I saw this blog post, and I realized - who cares if I have a belly and jiggily arms and thighs?! All that matters is that I am staying active and, I am eating really nutritious foods. As long as I am healthy - I really shouldn't give a shit about my imperfections because no matter how hard I try, those are not going to go away! My health is whats important and I shouldn't be trying to work out so that I look good for silly boys or for anyone else. I am going to embrace my body. I always tell myself "I'll dress the way I want when I lose some weight". Well guess what. I have been around this weight (give or take a few pounds) since middle school. So I am done waiting. I am going to dress how I want and learn to love the way I look as I am. That being said, I am not going to use this as an excuse to gorge on junkfood and sit on my ass all day. I definitely still want to focus on my health, however I also what to focus on loving myself just as I am.

2. I want to run a FULL marathon, yo.

3. Nestle crackers are soooo yummy.

4. I am just adding nonsense to this list to prolong this procrastination. The real reason for this post was just #1. I though I had more things to say, but apparently I am not that thoughtful today.

5. Its really annoying how my mom literally fucking adores my brother, and she thinks that giving me $100 to go to Delaware is a sufficient replacement for the love that I do not receive. I know that sounds super dramatic because I know my mom loves me, but she's just like ridiculously in love with my brother and gives him all this attention/affection, and then tries to give me $100 because she feels bad that she gives my brother so much. Thanks bro, but you can keep your money. I've got a job and I can pay for my own shit.

6. #5 made me feel like shit, so this list is officially ovaa.

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  1. boo, im glad that youre gonna try to get over this weight nonsense. but i feel like you should know that you are getting skinny. and i dont meant this in a bad way. my dad said so too. i think its from your vegetarian diet. so really, dont stress it. now about your momma. i get it. i know it. i see it too. but she does love you. maybe you could talk to her about it? but i dont think you should feel less loved. i mean, youre gonna grow up to independent and hes gonna be a mommas boy. i love you.