Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cruising on the highway with my friends

This past week and a half has been absolutely nuts! I decided to wait until I got home to write about it all, and let me tell you - I am glad to be home. It was incredible and exciting to be a sort of "nomad" for a while, but the bags under my eyes are a testament to the fact that it is also super exhausing. Anyways, heres what I have been up to:

Sunday July 14th - Wednesday July 18th : Atlantic City/Wildwood

My mom is seriously the most impulsive person in the plant and she is awful with planning anything. She just wakes up and decides she wants to go somewhere, and the rest of us must follow. Well on Sunday, I woke up and my mom told me to pack a bag because we were going down the shore. I had a nice time (despite the fact that my mom got on my nerves), I was able to start a super cool plarn project, and I got to work on my tan! (; Oh yeah, and I discovered the deliciousness that is Wawa iced coffee!

July 19th - July 23rd : Firefly Music Festival

On Thursday my friend Faline picked me up and we had a mini roadtrip to Delaware for Firefly Music Festival. The Festival didn't start till Friday, so on Thursday we checked in to our hotel, ordered pizza and layed in bed watching friends. It was super fun. Friday - Sunday we hung out at the festival. I realized that I actually was quite unfamiliar with the line up which was a bit disappointing, but I discovered a few cool bands which was nice! The crowds for the bands were really great, but we also did a lot of lounging in the grass, which was equally as lovely. Two bands I discovered because of Firefly that I am now hooked on are Walk the Moon and GROUPLOVE. Check em out!

July 23rd - July 24th : Alex's Birthday Party/Nursing Orientation
We headed back to Jersey on Monday and I didn't even get a chance to go home! I went straight to Amandas new house in New Brunswick for a birthday party she was throwing for her boyfriend Alex. I seriously had such a good time with Amanda - she's so much fun! I helped her prepare for the party and then her and I joined in the festivities. A lot of drama went down that night, like Amandas friend Nick punching some kid in the face over a Herseys chocolate bar?! Ha ha. Super random. Either way, despite the drama it was a pretty good night. The only downfall was the fact that I didn't fall asleep till past 5:30 am! I then woke up at 7:30am that morning for nursing orientation which I have been soo excited for! We learned about preparation for clinicals junior year, and then we met with advisors to fix our schedules and add nursing classes. Doing that made this whole thing so much more real!


  1. these pictures are really lovely!! im so glad you had a great time!