Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My profound thought of the evening

Do you ever feel like the internet is the loneliest place in the world? Really, if you think about it, it is. For example, right now I am sitting on my bed in my empty room, blogging to no one. Prior to this, I was laying in my bed in my empty room watching a TV show about a bunch of girls who live in the city and are living there lives. Was I living my life while watching the show? No. And yet despite the fact that I was not living at all while watching that show, I got this incredible sense of fulfillment as I watched these girls live there lives. I can't explain it very well, but it makes me feel horrible. I sit here online for hours and for those hours I live through other people. I look at beautiful photos of other peoples lives, I feel their happiness when I look at their two kids and I feel their pain when I read about their divorce (Michelle, you know exactly what I am referring to when I say that. Ha ha), and yet these things do absa-fucking-lutely nothing to better my life. And I find it so frustrating. Last night, rather than to hang out with my friend Maria, I chose to sit home alone and watch Pretty Little Liars and Teen Mom. Seriously? What the major fuck. I know this is a silly rant, but its something I think about all the time and yet I do nothing to change it. Its like I am so hooked. I am not living at all (for those few hours), and yet I am loving it. I love admiring other peoples lives. Well what the heck about my life?! I sit on my fitness pal and read about other peoples weight loss successes. Why am I not creating my own weight loss success?

<end of rant> The point is, its really freaking stupid. And so I decided that for one week, I am not going to watch TV or go online. I don't give a shit how desperate I get. Seriously - what the heck did people do before all this mindless shit existed?! Well - I am going to find out! I am also going to try and use my cellphone as little as possible. Lets be real - in this day and age you simply cannot survive without a cellphone and I'd be spiting myself by giving that up. But I am going to call people rather than text. Who does that anymore?! So yeah, and I suppose I'll blog about it when the week is up. Or maybe I'll just never go on the internet again. Who knows.

However, before my end of internet bonanza begins, I need to finish all the episodes of the HBO tv show Girls. I seriously hate myself. Ha ha (; Also, incase you're wondering, the photos above are from a video my friends and I made for our current issues class about how impersonal social interactions are these days because of the media. You can watch it here.

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  1. LMFAOOOO. im so glad you threw in that you were finishing the season first though. but you know, they show that they are living their lives, but they dont show all the hours they spend on the internet too (except when hannah goes on twitter). like, its just part of life now. and they also have jobs to keep they busy and when they get back they have like 1 hour to devote to tv before they gotta wake up for work again. aaaand they have money and we're just broke. haha so really we have a bunch of excuses for being boring bums. except i dont think we're all that boring. we do things. a lot of things. so i dont think its all bad. and blogging could also just be seen as a form of writing in a diary. or a scrap book even. i know no one reads my blog but you, but i still feel good about keeping it. its all inspiration and great when you live vicariously through people you admire.