Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Shoes

Today I went to Sports Authority, and I am so excited about what I bought! I have this weird obsession with water bottles (I seriously love water bottles, I don't know why. My water bottle is literally sitting in my lap as I type this), so I bought a pink Nike water bottle. Its super cute, and it doesn't leak which is freaking awesome. AND it has a straw. I really love it. And I also bought a pair of New Balance Minimus running shoes. I am so excited for my run tomorrow in these bad boys! I wanted to try them out as soon as I got home, but after digesting dinner and all that jazz, it was too late. 

Anyways, I included the promo video for the shoes in this post, because I seriously love this video. Its so inspiring and this man is seriously everything I want to be. I love how he talks about stripping running and life down to the bare essentials. I also love the shot at the end of him at the farmers market and then riding off on his bike. Recently when I have been thinking about my life and how I want my life to turn out - that is what I envision. I want to be a real runner, I want to be more environmentally conscious, I want to only shop at farmers markets. It just sounds so simple and perfect and it sounds like a life I would be proud to live. 

That though just kind of inspired me - I have been saving the tips that I make at work to buy new back to school clothes. Maybe, rather than going to the mall and buying new clothes that I will get sick of in a few months, I'll go to thrift stores to buy stuff. Then, I'll be saving money, plus I'll be recycling old clothes which is environmentally friendly. I am gonna have to make a few trips to Williamsburg this summer (on the bus of course!).

Anyone rocking minimalist running shoes these days?

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