Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Things Part I

There are some little things about this rainy Wednesday that are making me incredibly happy:
1. I am wearing a denim shirt and my hair is braided
2. I can drink Early Grey Tea and listen to Fleet Foxes
3. Fleet Foxes has an incredible station on Last FM
4. I exceeded my $7.50 meal swipe by 50 cents and my cashier let it go.
5. Its February and I am eating pineapple
6. I am sitting on a big comfy chair in a room with a fireplace
7. I have incredibly beautiful and supportive people in my life.

Life feels pretty okay right now. And learning about Buddhism has taught me that this feeling of contentment is not permanent, which I am okay with. I am just happy and grateful to be feeling this way right now.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The small things

The weather the past two days has been so freaking lovely! Yesterday I sat outside and ate lunch and just people watched. It was great. It was so nice to be outside for a while; recently I feel like all the time I spend outside is just from walking to class to class. Back when I lived at home, my friends and I would go for walks all the time, plus Maria and I had a 20 minute walk to and from school. I definitely want to try and incorporate more walking into my life. Its such an easy and leisurely way to burn more calories, plus I could really used the serotonin!
Another thing that has been going on in my life; recently I have been feeling like I have no sense of style. I mean sure, I don't dress poorly, but there is nothing particularly lovely about the way that I dress. I am almost always wearing skinny jeans, some sort of basic top and a cute pair of shoes. I don't look baddd, but I want to develop really great style. I just don't know where to begin! Here are some styles I have saved on my computer that I am particularly fond of

2. I have no idea where I found this picture!
There are so many others that I love, I just can't find them right now! So this weekend I plan on doing some damage at the mall. But another thing that I have been hating is my hair. I need to learn how to style these lovely locks. That however, I will save for another post! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

All work and no play

Gah, I just have so much school work to do, and I have been working on it non-stop since yesterday. I am just so tired of it; I need a break! At the same time though, I just want to finish all of it rather than making this take long than it has to. I really just want to hang out with my friends and laaaughhh. Laughter is the medicine I need right now. And maybe some more sleep! Amanda is sick with a really bad cough, so basically now my sleep schedule is dependent on her; when she falls asleep then I can finally sleep, but as soon as she wakes up and starts coughing again, I am up with her. Its so incredibly lame ):
And yeah, other than that I guess everything is okay. I really miss Fernando still, and I am sooo bored of doing homework so I texted him not expecting him to write back, but he wrote back saying that he can talk in 10 minutes! Gah, I don't even know what I wanna talk about anymore. Well I do; I really wanna ask him whether he was genuine when he said he wanted to be friends with me and I also want to ask him if we are still in that whole "we'll see where things go" phase, or if we are moving past that to just moving on completely. Did we just say that to make the breakup less really and less painful? Okay, so I guess I know exactly what I want to talk to him about but this is going to be such a scary and possibly painful conversation that is going to include me doing a ton of ranting.
Gah, it was just weird because I was doing my chemistry homework and one of the elements was NaNO and Fernando's nickname is Nano and then a little while later the theme song for the Office came on which is one of Fernando's favorite shows. Weird stufffff.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bony Bear

Whole mother effing shit! This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen; I have never been so moved by music before. I love this man. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Falling off track

Gah, so when I got back to school, I was so incredibly motivated and it was so lovely! I was running constantly, going to work out classes, ontop of my school work annnd making time to hang out with friends. It was such a great feeling to be so in control. Recently however, I have fallen off track a little bit; I am a bit behind in a few of my classes, not as motivated, eating a little less healthy and not putting as much effort into being social.
I have noticed a significant change in the way I feel now as apposed to the way I was feeling when the semester started; clearly I was a lot happier then and I think a lot of it had to do with the way I ate and the fact that I made time for exercise. I therefore decided that me falling off track was something that needed to happen. This is a little reminded of exactly why I need to eat healthy, when some other things taste so much better. This is why I need to get my work done early and not stay up until 2am trying to catch us. This little "derailing" was just an eye-opener to remind me of which lifestyle is more appealing; its almost somewhat motivating to fall off track!
So here I am now; ready to do some homework this weekend, hit the gym and start running again, and then in my spare time, share some laughs with my friends. I couldn't be more excited. Okay, well thats an exaduration; for some reason I am a little scared - I miss Fernando and I miss the comfort of having him (not that that has anything to do with this, but it is a fact) - but I am going to take control and do what I need to do to make myself happy! There are also a few other things I want to post such as tattoo ideas and other sources of inspiration, but I'll save that for later!