Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dorm inspiration

So since I have been accepted into the Nursing Program (YAY!) I have been getting so incredibly excited about moving in to my dorm room and decorating and being back at school and all that good stuff. Since I have been thinking about it so much, I have been getting all these ideas for my room, and so I decided to take them out of my brain and put them on paper. Here they are:

1. I got this idea from the video of Ho Hey by the Lumineers. Its such a good song and the video is awesome! I want to string lights around my bed, and hang flowers over my desk.
2. I want to do some sort of cool bunting project and I also really want to do something with old maps, so perhaps I'll try bunting with maps? I am not sure yet. Or maybe I'll just cut out letters and make a sign with letters of a map.
3. Ours will most likely not look this fancy, but Ariel and I have mentioned a few time that we want to loft our beds and then put a couch underneath. I really hope we stick to that plan because it would make our room super lovely and cozy! It would be awesome for having friends over and the such.
4. This is just a random picture I found online to illustrate what I mean, but Ariel has a ton of posters that she plans on hanging in our room, and I am so excited for that also. Its going to add so much personality to our room. And I am super excited for the friends poster that we plan on getting!

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