Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dream Summer

With summer break just NINE days away, its no surprise I cannot stop thinking about summer and how I want to spend my three and a half months (OMG, THREE AND A HALF GLORIOUS MONTHS!) of freedom. As I sit here trying to study for exams, my mind keeps wandering to what my ideal summer days will be like. So I decided to jot a few of them down.

Lazy days: I found this really incredible trail to run. Its totally secluded and silent and the repetitive sound of my feet hitting the trail is one of the most comforting sounds ever. Needless to say I am in love, and this trail has totally renewed my passion for running. So one idea summer day would be waking up super early to run the trail. Taking some time to just sit down and take it all in, perhaps doing some yoga, or just sitting for a while and thinking. Then running back home, showering, getting ready and heading to the New Brunswick farmers market, or the Highland Park farmers market. Making lunch and sitting outside while I eat. Then heading to a local coffee shop, perhaps with friends to catch up, or alone with a book as a way to avoid the heat. Maybe at night drinking outside with some friends and chatting or setting up a BBQ.

Work days: I applied for this job at a hospital called Children's Specialized. My hope are way too high right now, and in my mind I already have the job, which is somewhat unhealthy because it means that I will be incredibly crushed if it doesn't work out. However, I have already started planning some summer days revolving around my summer life as a pediatric patient care technician. Depending on if I end up working the morning or evening shift, I'd have a personal training session right before or right after work. I'd spend a few days a week taking care of the most amazing and inspiring little kids. The rest of the day would be spent relaxing, reading, watching a movie or hanging out with some friends.

Weekends: So, it seems at though I have planed most of my summer with the intention of being in New Brunswick. But I definitely want to be home with my mom and brother also. Perhaps I could plan my work schedule so that I work 3 days a week, with two days off in New Brunswick to hit the trail and relax. Then I could head home for two days to see my mom and Thomas and Tom. My mom and I could get lunch and head to the mall together or to flea markets in the area. And Thomas and I could spend our days playing basketball and our nights catching up on Boy Meets World or Full House.

Adventures and day trips: Obviously summer is the idea time to travel and go on day/weekend trips, so I hope to have a few of these as well. I already plan on spending 4 days camping with my friends at Firefly Music Festival. I really hope my job at Children's Specialized (there I go again, planning as if I've already been hired) doesn't conflict. But we'll figure that out when the time comes.

Yeap, so ideally that's how its going to happen. I know that this post was a bit disorganized  I just needed to get these day dream out of my head. Now, back to studying so that I pass my exams and don't end up having to spend my summer in summer classes!!