Monday, July 2, 2012

Wish list (Part I)

The reason that this is wish list part I is because I am sure that tomorrow or the next day I will see something new that I want. So this is just one of (I am sure) many wish lists to come. Except for the fact that I plan on saving my money, or doing the appropriate activities to make these wishes come true! 

1. Madewell is seriously one of the most lovely stores ever! I would love to start shopping there more! It's just that their clothes are not really in my price range. However, I have been saving the tips that I make at work, so I totally plan on going on a shopping spree when their fall clothes come out.
2. This cover for a MacBook is so cute!
3. I have mentioned multiple times on here that I am longing for a new camera, and this is the bad boy I want. A science teacher from high school recommended it. Also, my best friend Michelle has it, and a quick scroll through her blog will show what lovely photos this camera takes.
4. I have been wanting a cruiser bike for so long! My grandma thinks its stilly that I still want a cruiser now that I have a car, but I think it would be nice to have a bike to ride locally. Plus, I want to bring it to school with me!
5. This is a silly thing to put on a wish list, but it's my wish list so I will put whatever the heck I want. And I want abs! Not like crazy jacked out of my mind abs, just like, I am super fit and healthy and have a hot body kinda abs.
6. I want a thigh tattoo soooo badly, and I want my tattoo to be of the cover of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I plan on going to the tattoo place in the next week or two to discuss the design, and then getting the tattoo done in the end of August (after doing about a billion lunges and squats).
7. That picture is of me right after I finished the Philly Half Marathon. After the race, my thighs felt like they were on fire because of how freaking tired they were, but it was the most incredible feeling in the whole world! No other race has made me feel that incredible, and I am dying to get that feeling back! So, I want to run another Half Marathon and get that burn back in my muscles and that passion back in my heart.

*Unfortunately I do not have any source of credit for pictures #5 and #6, but if you know the source of those pictures, I'd love if you shared that knowledge with me. Both of those pictures are quite lovely, and I would really like to credit their rightful owners!*

So tell me, what are you lusting after these days?

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  1. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. yes to that bike. i need a walmart trip. fuck it. also you look mighty fine in that picture <33