Monday, July 9, 2012

Whats my major you ask? Oh, I am studying Nursing

I woke up at 10am today, and did as I always do first thing in the morning. I checked my e-mail. And guess what was in my e-mail. MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO RUTGERS NURSING! Yes, thats right, I am now a nursing student, and I am going to back to Rutgers New Brunswick and I am going to live with Ariel! Wow, I am sososo excited. I honestly think a big part of the reason I got in was because of my essay, which my good friend Faline helped me write. I am so proud of that essay, and I think it eloquently explains the 1 major flaw on my application which was a C+ in Chemistry of Life. Heres my essay incase you, or I want to read it 1,000 times over because of how lovely it is:

     It was during my sophomore year after my grandmother’s heart attack that I decided I wanted to be a nurse. A deep passion to help those who are ill and bring some happiness to them was ignited in me. During my senior year I was informed that I was not amongst those whom Rutgers felt were fit to participate in their nursing program. My mom droned on about what an awful idea it would be to go to Rutgers since I did not get accepted into the program, and how I should go to Felician or another school where I would be accepted straight into the program. However, I knew Rutgers was the only place I would truly be happy I decided to take a risk and go to Rutgers anyway.
     My freshman year was such an incredible experience. I took so many new and interesting courses. I learned about the science of society in sociology, about different cultures in anthropology, and about not giving up as I suffered through Chemistry of Life. All of the classes that I took were absolutely fascinating; and as the weeks went on, I grew more interested in the subjects I was learning. There are so many unfair things that go on in this world that I had previously been completely unaware of. However, despite the passion that I developed in every one of the classes I took freshman year, that passion has been nothing compared to the passion I feel in regards to becoming a nurse. My poor friends must listen to me day after day as I fret over whether or not my C+ in Chemistry will affect my chances, and how I should plan my schedule for the fall semester in case I don’t get accepted into the nursing program. So that is the reason I am hoping to transfer schools: because I feel more passionate about becoming a nurse that I have ever felt about anything in my life. It's been almost five years since I realized I want to be a nurse. And five years, two semesters, one C+ later, I still want to, just as bad - if not more.

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