Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm just a dreamer

So there has been a lot of talk on this blog of me trying to be happy on my own. Well yesterday I did something on my own I cannot even describe how happy I felt afterwards. A few months ago I bought tickets to see the Tallest Man on Earth. I kept forgetting that I had the tickets, but yesterday was the day. I didn't even really wanna go anymore, but I wasn't going to waste good seats (4th row from the front). So I put on my favorite dress and some really pretty earrings and I went, and I had such a wonderful time! The opening band was so incredible, and so was Kristian! For the very last song, his wife came out and sang with him. They were too freaking cute. He just stared at her the entire time. I was dying, but also pretty freaking jealous! Ugh, I left feeling so inspired and just really good about life. I was inspired to learn some music and to go to more things on my own and to dress up more often and just in so many ways! Since I had such a good time and loved the music so much, I decided to buy some CDs. They were only $10 each, so I bought 3. One of the opening band, Strand of Oaks, and two of the Tallest Man on Earth. I wound up spending all my money on music and had to pay for the bus partially in quarters. But it was so worth it! Kristian is seriously SO beautiful; one of the prettiest boys I have ever seen in my whole life; but unfortunately my camera really sucks, so the best picture I got of him was of his back. I am going to look into investing in a new camera soon. 


  1. you looked suuuuuuuuuuuper pretty boo. im glad you feel like you can do things alone! sometimes its best to wander about by yourself.

  2. I love your tattoo, so cute and chic and you are gorgeous :).

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.