Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

So my birthday today started off really lame. It consisted of calling people, struggling to put plans together, 3 hours on a train, not wanting to do anything, and going back to Jersey after heading all the way to Brooklyn. However today I realized the importance and beauty of family; they'll be there no matter what, and thats kinda lovely to know. So even though today was lame, it made me really grateful for my silly little family. And thats kinda an important thing to recognize. 

Another thing that happened today; I realized that I need to make some serious changes in my life. I saw two sets of pictures, ones from me when I was in 4th-5th grade, when I was a serious fatty and ones when I was in 7th grade when I had slimmed down a lot. In 7th grade I was so thin! I have gained some serious chub since then, and its not okay. So I need to change my lifestyle. I always write on here about how I need to eat better and run more, but those are nice ideas in thought; I need to put them into practice! And more than just eat better and run; I need to make a lifestyle change. I need to make a promise to myself. A promise that consists of being all around more active and all around more conscious of what I am eating. Like I always say, moderation is a big thing; just because I want to eat better doesn't mean I can never eat ice cream ever again. It just means I can't get ice cream at the rutgers zone and then have strawberry ice cream daquori's and then have spamoni ice cream the next day; and it means I can't have stromboli two nights in a row! So yeah. Heres to my 19th year, heres to a lifestyle change (starting tomorrow, cause you can't do things like that on your birthday), and heres to the bucketlist I posted lastnight and heres to family!

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