Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 5th -14th

April 5th - Ate dinner at Stuff Yer Face with friends (best stromboli ever!), and then Kitty whipped us up a really delicious beverage with strawberry icecream. Amanda had they boys from downstairs come in our room and sing happy birthday to me. 

April 6th - My birthday was pretty disappointing, but I was happy to be home and with my family. My brother made me a lovely card, and my family took me out to eat. I am really lucky to have such a great family. 

April 7th- I didn't do too much, but I absolutely loved being home and in my room!

April 8th- Easter! We went to this really delicious restaurant  and I got to sit next to my grandma! It was really nice. Then my mom drove me back to school, and I began to think about myself, and a lot of things I need to change. 

April 9th - I though about doing a project where I take a picture of different sections of my face and put it together in a collage, but I changed my mind. 

April 10th - Basically studied for chem all day. Just as I was about to go to sleep I remembered that I neglected to take a picture. Thats the view from my bedroom window at 12am.

April 11th - Took my chem exam, it SUCKED. Started working on my Anthro paper but then Alex from downstairs stopped by. Went to see Stan the Man speak (so inspirtational!) and stayed up till 2am with Faline and Diana doing my Anthro paper. I didn't regret it at all. It was so fun!

April 12th- Went food shopping with Amanda and Ariel, hungout with Friends, then went to Cliff, Mike and Lana's house. Watched a scary movie, Tie Dyed my habitat shirt, ate some food and went to bed at like 3am. It was lovely. 

April 13th - Bought my tickets for THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH! Hung out with Faline Ariel and a friend from there town and then went to Relay for Life. It was so fun! Inspirational speaker, raket ball, walking with friends, music, ms. relay, 1 hour of sleep. Went home at 7am on the 14th. 

April 14th- Got home from Relay for Life at 7am and slept until 3PM! So late for me! Didn't do much until that night when me Amanda and Amanda's friend Sam went to go see spring awakening. It was SO GOOD! After Amanda and I got all purrrtty and went out. We had the funniest bus ride ever, hung out, and then I got sick.

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