Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 1st - 4th

The First of My April Project (Not the best quality photos; all were taken quite last minute)
April 1st - Spent most of the day fussing with my hair, and thinking about how desperately I needed to do homework. I however wound up getting absolutely nothing done.
 April 2nd - Had a kinda crappy day but then found out from Ariel that the Burried Life was coming to our school. We went to the presentation, and it was lovely to say the least! 
April 3rd- Spent almost the whole day worried about timing and studying for my Intro to Comp Apps exam.
April 4th - Skipped my Chem of Life class to hangout with Ariel and Kitty. We wandered around Cook Douglass, enjoying the lovely weather, sitting in large empty fields and playing in sand. It made me feel young and happy.

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