Sunday, January 15, 2012

This time, It will be different

Gah, this song literally explains my break up with Fernando. It makes me feel a million times better to know that someone else can put into words what I went through. 
And this song is going to be the anthem to get me through this breakup. I can watch a sunset on my own!
Last but not least, I literally feel like this song describes me. If I had to pick a song I could most relate to, it would be this one. I am always late, and I hate that so much. The nice words of strangers always touch me and really make me think. When I really love someone, I treat them in ways that I would never want to treat them, and I really do feel like I am going crazy these days. I am trying to change, and make things different though. 

I just discovered this lady, and I love her so much already. 

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