Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If this is real life, then somebody will bring me a sweater!

Ugh, so this past weekend was just ridiculous. I am not even going to talk about it in detail here, I am just going to say it was literally unbelievable. I remember texting my friend Megan saying how it was okay, because I was with a really safe group of people, and I stand by that 100%. Everyone was so incredible and nice and not judgmental at all, and we had such a blast. Saturday was dinner and chillin' at Kitty's house, and Sunday was the beach and Surf Taco for lunch.
These pictures are so disgusting, but they hold so many great memories. And I just cannot get over how nice everyone was - listening to all my rants, bringing me a billion glasses of water (John commenting on how Ariel and I are the most hydrated people on the plant) Ryan for finding me something similar to a sweater, and Ariel for not judging my grossness. Ha ha.
This picture is not gross at all. In fact its kind of wonderful. And those two girls are kind of wonderful.

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