Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello, how are you? Like your shoes, love your hair.

I have not been able to put this much of my hair back since I cut all my hair off in April! As much as I love having short hair, its really nice to just pull my hair back, throw on a white tee and some red lipgloss and call it a day. Unfortunately, putting my hair up takes a lot more time and effort then it used to because of how short some of my layers are. But its totally worth the effort.

I kind of took a mini, un intentional break from blogging, because I was feeling all of these crappy negative things. I started keeping a journal to write down all of the crappiness I feel. I want to really make sure this blog stays positive. But I am back to feeling normal again, and so I am ready to post lots of happy things! 

Anyway, gotta run to work, but I'll be back with more happiness later! 

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