Friday, May 4, 2012

Classes are almost over. I am ready for some change! Hopefully some new blogging idea to come as well.

Gah, I just have so many wonderful ideas as far as blogging and life in general and I hate how my life has to be put on hold because of exams. However, I have decided to be realistic and right now I am just going to have to live an average life, and on Wednesday I will be able to make changes. Theres no way I can re-do my blog or start waking up at 6am or eat healthier when I need to stay up till midnight every night studying which causes me to eat 4 meals a day and wake up at 9am with a headache because of lack of sleep. However once May 10th comes, I will be more in control of my life and I will be able to make all of these changes that I am so eager to make! I need to be understanding and compassionate towards myself, and so for now this is the way I must be, and that is okay.

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