Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back into the swing of things (Happy Things)

I could really use a good reminder of some happy things, so good thing that its Wednesday! I skipped out on a few weeks my happy things posts, but I am back to it now, so here it goes!
1. This weekend I am going to be volunteering with my lovely friends from Habitat for Humanity. We are going to be running a table at the Bamboozle Festival. That means, not only will I be hanging out with lovely people, I'll be around live music! 
2. I have been going to Brooklyn a lot recently, which is always nice. I love that place.
3. This beautiful young lady, my best friend Michelle (who blogs over here) is coming home soon! Can't wait to see her!
4. I tried this chocolate on Monday. Oh my goodness; it is absolutely delicious!
5. Lets be real, how can you not get happy when you see a bunny with its tongue sticking out?!

Any other happy things I should know about to make my week a little better? 

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