Friday, May 18, 2012

"I can't wait for the next workout"

So I am pretty sure I mentioned on here that one of my goals this summer is to get into better shape. Well, I have been working on it, and its quite exciting! Yesterday I didn't do as well as I would have liked; to work out I only did a simple relaxing yoga workout, and I had this enormous slice of pizza for dinner. Thats okay though, mistakes are going to happen and I can't change that. Anyways, today has only just begun, but I had a nice protein filled breakfast and I did this workout video: 
The people who make these videos are incredible. Its only a 30 minute workout, but it takes me like 45 minutes because I have to constantly stop and take water breaks or catch my breath or just sit and watch in awe. I really like these workouts though; they're nice and quick, and I really feel it while I am working out and the next day! With a combination of these and other workout videos, running twice a week and a good diet, I hope I can reach my goal by the end of the summer!

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