Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Mondays

Just another tradition I am thinking of starting on this blog of mine, although Music Mondays is incredibly cliche so I am going to have to think of a better name for it! Anyhoo, Monday will be over in 2 minutes so I have to make this quick! I went to Bamboozle this weekend. Here are two songs from new bands I really enjoyed! (Okay, I have to admit. I made a really short post while it was still Monday, and now its 12:05 am on Tuesday and I am simply adding to the post)

The first is by a band called The Bouncing Souls. They're a really fun punk band with catchy lyrics. They're songs are super short and rather to the point, but they just have this really nice up beat energy to them. One of the songs that I found particularly entertaining by them is this one:

And heres another super fun band; they're called Catch 22. They're a ska band and they have lots of instruments going on and they are also incredibly up beat! During their set, this enormous dance pit opened up and everyone was just having such an incredible time while they played. Ska bands seriously have incredible crowds! Also, their trumpet player kept doing this amazing little dance. It was wonderful; you could tell they were having a blast playing for us.

Anyone going to any good music festivals this summer?

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