Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ugly internet faces

It feels like I am spending more time on the internet than ever! I guess with too much free time and too little friends/hobbies, thats what happens. Especially now that I have really gotten into youtube - I could seriously spend hours just sitting on youtube getting lost in videos. Every once in a while, when I am having fun on the interweb, I open up my webcam to check myself out. Usually I am making to most hideous face, eyes glossed over, mouth hanging open, face contorted by hand ... you catch my drift. Here are some examples of my ugly internet-browsing faces:
Is sad that my internet faces aren't prettier. And its weird, because when I am watching youtube videos or reading about running (two of my usual internet activities), I am totally engrossed and enjoying myself. But you would never be able to tell by looking at those faces!
I guess this sort of leads back to one of my new years resolutions which was to spend less time on the internet. Agh, its just such a difficult thing to do! However, I am going to try! I am going to try right now actually. Once I publish this post, I am closing my laptop and I am going to eat cookies that my mom baked and I am going to read something fancy.

This is just one of those random thoughts that floats around my brain that I never talk to anyone about, so I figured I would post about it. Perhaps you can send me one of your ugly internet faces! That would be fun.


  1. One of my new year resolutions is to spend LESS time on the computer. *High five,sister!* I know what you mean.

    p.s I think that you have a very pretty face. Not ugly at all :)
    I think everyone makes weird faces when they are concentrating or if they're interested in something. It's just the way it is. I know my face probably looks quite odd right now as I type this comment.

    ---->> Kate

  2. i love this, my internet faces usually involve a double chin so i feel ya.

    also about the less time on the internet thing, i've been getting on facebook less lately because i got a chrome add-on called stay focused and after a certain amount of time it blocks my from facebook. so i'm only allowed on for a half hour each day. Its been so helpful, i've mastered the art of check in check out on my facebook page haha. and i don't even miss it that much anymore!

  3. I won't be on the interest as much starting Tuesday (classes start again and I start a new job at the library, while still being a writing tutor a few hours a week), so basically, I won't have as much time. as long as I can keep up with my reading, then I'm good. lol

    And your faces aren't too bad! I skyped last year with a friend who was in Spain and I kept looking at my face instead of his because it was so awkward. LOL