Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Life I Want to Live

A lot of the time, I feel like there are things I want to change about myself. I mean, overall, I am happy with myself as a person, but I know there are a lot of things I could improve upon. On March 10, 2012, I made a list called The Life I Want To Live. Every time I look back on this list, I get so inspired. This list completely encompasses the person I would like to be. Here it is:

1. I want to be really fucking happy all on my own, and when I am unhappy, I want to recognize that it is okay and normal to feel that way.
2. I want to take good care of my body. I want to put really good things into my body, and I want to sweat out all of the toxins in my body and I want to make my body lean and strong.
3. I want to be more mindful. There are so many ways I want to so this. I want to be more mindful of my thoughts, my actions, my words, my time etc.
4. I want to wake up early. I love mornings.
5. I want to meditate, every morning.
6. I want to take more risks.
7. I want to be more honest and straight forward.
8. I want to have a fresh fashion sense and I want to always be well dressed.
9. I want to give back more.
10. I really want to find pleasure in the simplest of things and never take a single moment or person or possession for granted.
11. I want to dedicated my time to getting really fucking good at something.
12. I want to be more passionate about things and be really well informed and have strong opinions.
13. I want to be more organized and on top of my shit.

I am curently working on getting up earlier (although today I slept through my 8am alarm clock and woke up at 9:30), and I am planning on adding meditation to that morning routine. Also, I have definitely become a lot more organized. There are still a few parts of my life that need organizing, like the pictures on my computer and a few stray papers for classes. However for the most part, my life is way more organized than it used to be. I supposed I will just have to work on these things one at a time. These changes aren't going to happen over night.

Also, I know that picture is randomly put in there, but I feel like this picture sums up the person I want to be. Thats my beautiful friend Max, relaxing after a long hike (I was there too; I took the picture), enjoying the simple things, taking risks, looking lovely ...