Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I seriously don't take pictures anymore which is so lame! I never have anything to post. Hm. So I just decided this right now, and I like the idea. Every day in the month of April (the month of my birth!) I will take one photo! Yes, I like that idea a lot. Anyways, nothing really exciting has been happening. That is actually a lie. Things have been changing. For a while, after Fernando and I broke up, I felt like I was really beginning to find myself. Now I feel like I am beginning to lose myself again, and I guess I am okay with that. It just means that I am waiting to turn into the person I really want to be and am really proud of. A lot of things are changing for me right about how; I am going to cut my hair really short, I am thinking of cutting meat out of my diet (I don't want to say I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian because gah, that would mean labeling myself), I am trying to learn to swim to train for a triathlon, I am really trying to focus on my school work and stay motivated in hopes of getting into the Rutgers nursing program. And yeah, thats just a taste of it!
Weird to be posting a picture of Fernando on my blog right now, but its one of the only pictures I have from my birthday last year. Anyways, my birthday THIS YEAR is coming up, and its kinda exciting cause I feel like I have changed quite a bit from the person that I was last year. I feel like I am a lot more independent, a lot more motivated, probably more social and outgoing. I have more knowledge (its arguable about whether or not thats a good thing). I can't explain it, but I am pretty proud of the person that I am right now. Obviously I have my flaws; eating too much crap (which I am working on; as always), sometimes saying mean things, procrastinating etc. But my flaws are just more ways that I can improve myself and become a better person, and I am excited for the challenge! 

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