Friday, December 26, 2014

Things I've Figured Out in the Past Few Days

1) You don't have to go to art school to make art.
2) Just because you don't go to art school right after high school doesn't mean you can never go to art school.
3) Nurses can make art.
4) Its best to not hang out with boys you like at 1am.
5) Its best to not kiss boys you like at 1am.
6) If you like someone, wait.
7) If you like someone in Minnesota, wait till they get back to New York.
8) You shouldn't let yourself like people to easily.
9) But keeping an open mind and an open heart is okay.
10) Not all friends will be friends forever.
11) Sometimes you have to bully people into being your friend forever.
12) Its best to not do that, because who the heck wants to be friends with someone they have to bully into being friends with them?!
13) Reading is really lovely.
14) Its cool to read things you want to read, and not things that you think would make you seem more "interesting" or "likeable" or whatever.
15) Its easy to get sucked into the internet.
16) Its easy to get sucked into creeping on people on the internet.
17) This can be inspiring, or it can be a huge waste of time.
18) Today it was inspiring.
19) This year I am going to start a 365 project, and stick to it!

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