Thursday, November 7, 2013


Running. That thing that I used to love to do, but don't do anymore because of time. I need to try and figure out how to make more time in my life for running again. I've figured out how to make time for work, and I've figured out how to make time for climbing (although I really wish I did that at least 1 more time a week), and for Scarlet Listeners, and for a semi-normal social life. Now I need to figure out how to make time for my old love of running. I've managed to 1x a week somewhat consistently now. But they're always super short runs. I tell myself that I am just getting back into running, and so I don't want to push myself too hard. 

The thing is, a lot of my day is already taken up. I've been going to bed around 11:30 lately, so that I can feel somewhat normal for my 7am mornings (and 5am on Wedneday). So I am really not sure where running can fit into my life right now. What if I just start waking up at 5am every day? Then it wont be so bad on Wednesdays, and I can run in the morning on other days? Ugh. But I am not a fan of morning runs.

Night time running is my true love. But at the end of the day I am just so spent. Today, I woke up at 7:20 to get to work at 8:15. After work I have an externship workshop from 12:15-2:15. Then I have class until 8. After class, I am going straight to the library to start studying for the exam that I have tomorrow morning. 

So its clear that night time runs are also not very realistic for me. Night time runs are like a nice little fling. A thing I can squeeze they work with my life. And I guess depending on how early in the morning you run, its almost like a night time run.

I can wake up at 5am. Have 1/2 a banana, peanut butter and crackers pre-run. Run. Finish my banana, stretch and hop in the shower. At that point it will be around 7am. After that, getting ready will be no different than my usual morning routine. 

I think I'll try this on Saturday. No, Saturdays are the only day out of the entire 7 days I can sleep in. Saturdays need to be saved for that. So I will try this on Sunday. I want to say I'll give it a go tomorrow, but I have a 9am exam, and I don't want to risk a messy morning on an exam day. Also, I'll probably be in the library for quite a while tonight. 

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