Saturday, July 20, 2013

Food and other inspirations.

A while ago I wrote a post, mostly for myself, called How to Avoid Funks (or something like that). While writing it, I kind of felt like an asshole, because I didn't want it to come off like I had figured out the secret to happiness and was bragging about it. It was just a personal post that I could come back to incase I ever fell into a funky place. And here I am now - definitely in a very funky spot. I wont go into the details of my funk, but lets just say that on a scale of 1 to 10, I have zero motivation to do anything. That even includes showers! Its just very weird. So I went back and read that short self help post I created. And it really did inspire me. Its weird, because I can read post from other bloggers on how to get out of funks, and while they will inspire me, they create that sort of very temporary bubble of inspiration in my chest and thats about it. But to know that I was in such a good place and I wrote a post on how to get there - its totally different. It makes me REALLY want to get back to that place. So thats really awesome, and something that I definitely plan to work on.

On a different note, my friends and I have been doing a lot of cooking lately since we all have our own places with kitchens and everything. Its really amazing, and also kind of scary. It really makes me feel like a grown up. Its funny how we rush growing up so much, but once we finally get there, it scares the shit out of us. Or maybe its just me. Anyway, heres some photos of the delicious homemade meals we have been making.

We also had a dinner party a few nights ago. Everyone got dressed up, and a few of us cooked. It was a freaking 4 course meal! Deviled Eggs for orderves, Caprese salad for appetizer, Vegeterian Pot Pie and Seafood Pasta salad for dinner, and Strawberry Shortcakes for dessert. It was so delicious, and it was all homemade - mostly by me and my friend Kitty. It was just so satisfying to talk about the menu for a few days, go grocery shopping, cook, and then see it all come together. And everyone actually got dressed up and looked so spiffy! I'll have more pictures from that later.

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  1. SO INCREDIBLY JEALOUS. i want to have dinner parties!!! ahh but growing up is so unbelievably scary. but the food is some-what of a good compensation :D