Sunday, April 14, 2013

MICHELLE, this is for you!

Hi Michelle!! So you should ignore the fact that I am really awkward and I say "like", approximately 7000 times, and the fact that I am really bad at telling stories. Just appreciate this for what it is. Ha ha. I love you and miss you! <3 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this in my video, but Keiko Lynn has the shirt that I am wearing! Aw yeah - sale rack at Madewell!

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  1. i love you. so much. you seriously made me tear up a bit. eating real food is absolutely delicious. i actually went to chipotle on friday with friends. sooo good. sucks though about five guys. would you eat a turkey burger? they should come out with that. or they dont have any other vegetarian options? i love their fries too. i think shake shack has the best burgers but five guys has the best fries. also stinks about the aurora lights. ya gotta learn to plan gurrl. we were supposed to be able to see them too, but bing was too cloudy. that another thing- it was 70 degrees at the beginning of the week and now its like 40s again. i mean its not as bad, but still. im done w/ the cold. i think you'll do wonderful at your half-marathon. good luck! even if you dont do as well as you'd like, the fact is you still had the courage to even do it. props for that homie. also, i AM jealous of your girls poster. i think i may buy one for next year now...where did you get yours? yesterday i went to the undergrounds to see you wont play and i even talked to the guys in the band. they signed by cd. i love them. i also totally rocked out. it was sooo much fun. also on friday in my health class we had bootcamp. it was tough. my legs still hurt. but im actually so excited about my progress. i can hold a plank for so much longer and im seeing some physical changes and im just happier with myself. obviously its not perfect, but its better and thats what matters. i even tried on some of my bodycon dresses that didnt look so beautiful last year and now you can really see my shape. i mean, ive still got work to do but im really happy about it. and i plan to continue with what ive learned into the summer and next year. oh! i got into the photography class (FINALLY) for next semester! and hopefully i get the two other classes i want, and i will have a packed tues and thurs, but mon, wed, fri just one class. i think im gonna take up a spanish minor so i'll be taking a spanish class. and after that class, since it ends around 1150 i'll go to the gym. and since im living up in the himilayas next year,im gonna wear gym clothes to spanish class that way im forced to go to the gym after and then go back to my apartment. also, watching these spanish movies Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo and Tengo Ganas de Ti has got me so excited for Spain. they were originally books so i even got carried away a bit and bought the books. the thing is, theyre only written in italian and spanish, so hopefully i cant really read it in spanish. im really gonna try this summer. i gotta run now cause im going to see my frend lisa in her play tonight called god of carnage. i love you so sososososososo much. and thank you for this. love you <3