Saturday, April 13, 2013


I was just talking to a friend about how I accidentally to a really long break from blogging. School basically just took over my life. But now I have a few weeks to breath before finals swallow me whole, so here I am. I turned twenty exactly one week ago! It was a pretty lame birthday, but lets not get into that. Tonight I am going to attempt to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borialis. I am pretty excited. Its something Fernando and I always used to talk about seeing together, so its weird that seeing it with him is not even an option. But whatever. I am seeing it with other really lovely people who are permanent additions to my life. So that makes it even more special; rather than seeing it with some fleeting boy.

Speaking of boys, I have been really bitter about relationships lately. I guess its me secretly wanting to be in one? I don't know. Its odd. I just really have not found someone that I like. So yeah. Theres that. It will happen one day though. And it will be really special since I have waited so long for it. Sometimes I think about it though, and I get worried that I will just end up being alone. Theres so much I want to do - so many places I want to live and changes I want to make in the world. I can imagine making all of that happen if I have another person in my life to consider  Perhaps I will just have to find someone who wants to make all the same changes. That would be lovely.

Speaking of changes, I think I decided I want to be a cardiac nurse. Heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States. So if I am a cardiac nurse, I will be able to save so many lives. I feel like I would be able to affect the greatest number of people that way. But we'll see. Its sounding pretty perfect right now.

Also, here is a picture of butts from when me, Max, Megan and Brian did the no pants subway ride over winter break. It was really ridiculously funny!

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