Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Little Things

Today is kind of a meh day. But here are some things I am excited for

1) To be done with work
2) To go home and finish my burrito. And perhaps also eat some chicken pot pie
3) To spend the rest of the night in my bed, studying, but still in bed
4) To see my roomie after like, over a week
5) That my exam tomorrow is at 8:30, and then I have no worries till April 8th
I never got to post this, but I did eat my burrito, and chicken pot pie. And I am currently studying in bed. And its lovely.

I want to do more posts like this. Things that make me happy. Things I am grateful for. Things that I am looking forward too. Heres some things I am excited about for tomorrow:

1) Coffee and a shower super early in the morning
2) Being done with my exam by 9:50
3) A trip to starbucks before work
4) The gym after work
5) Going to barnes and noble to treat myself to a new book - books are way better than boys, am I right?
6) Chillaxing at home for the rest of the evening!

Tomorrow will be a good day. Because I have control of how tomorrow turns out. And I am choosing to make it a good day. And thats a preeetty cool thing.

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