Sunday, March 30, 2014

My favorite part of today ... (3/24 - 3/30)

Monday March 24
... the last half a mile of my run at a 9:15 pace
Tuesday March 25
... lotioning my legs post shaving them
Wednesday March 26
... the poop comedian at Huntington Poetry Club
Thursday March 27
... the feeling I got from facetiming with some of my favorite people
Friday March  28
... the first mile of my run which was about a 9 minute pace 
Saturday March 29
...being alone and happy by myself at hidden grounds after a bunch of shitty morning feels
(...also running into Amanda at hidden grounds)
(...also, being social with new people at Kittys party despite my weird mood)
Sunday March 30
... reading this blog at work today and realizing that its okay to date and fail and continue to try and find my partner in this world, and that I shouldn't judge myself for trying to do so.

I don't know if I will continue to do this every week, but I really liked reflecting on each day and picking out a few moments that were special to me. Maybe each week I'll do a different sort of reflection list. It seems like a great way to grow, and an awesome thing to look back on.

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