Monday, October 1, 2012

Going with the flow

I had such lofty plans for this weekend. Well, my weekend didn't really go according to plan. I didn't go see Childish Gambino on Thursday because I had to study for my Nutrition exam. On Friday, the mud run was A LOT tougher than I expected, and I wound up having to walk a good portion of it. Also, the two boys that I did the race with were kinda poor friends and ran ahead of me since they were faster than me. That was disappointing because I was looking forward to having a sort of "team" to run the race with. Seeing Brian on Saturday was disappointing to say the least and I really didn't even have that much fun at the Global Festival.
Despite the fact that this weekend clearly didn't go according to plan, I am not letting myself dwell on the negative. I got to study for my Nutrition exam and I learned a lot, and I felt pretty good about the exam when I took it. The mud run cause me to push myself and challenge myself in a way that running hasn't done for me in a long time. After the mud run on Friday my friends and I got dinner, hung out, and made a late night run to get pizza which was incredibly fun. Though the Global Festival with Brian  didn't really go the way I was hoping, that night I went home and saw my wonderful family, which was so nice.
And so yeah. I am just beginning to realize that even though shitty, disappointing things might happen, it really is all about perspective. I could have been all annoyed then entire weekend, but instead, I chose to acknowledge the fact that I was disappointed quite a bit, and then move on. This is something new for me, and while I am still working on it, its a lot nicer than getting all disgruntled because things didn't go my way.


  1. Is that you in the top photo? Loving the RENT shirt. I have a Rent jacket I'm excited to get out now that the weather is cooling down.

    Sorry it didn't go the way you wanted too, but it sounds like you had some fun moments and perspective is always good.

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